WDW Oxy/Acetylene 18/90 Cutting Set

Code: OACS189010

Oxy/Acety’ 18/90 Cutting set in handy Stainless Steel tool case

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Introducing the WDW Oxy/Acety’ 18/90 Cutting set supported by Starparts. The following set is supplied in a sturdy Stainless Steel tool case, to make transporting your equipment as easy as possible.

This set includes:

Single stage Oxygen plugged regulator (300 Bar)
Single stage Acetylene plugged regulator (25 Bar)
NM 18/90 Cutting Torch
In Line Flashback arrestor – Oxygen
In Line Flashback arrestor – Fuel
10mm Oxygen (Blue) 10mtr fitted with 3/8″ Check valve
10mm Acetylene (Red) 10mtr fitted with 3/8″ Check valve
ANM cutting nozzle 1/32″
ANM cutting nozzle 3/64″
Single flint lighter
Combination spanner
Stainless Steel tool case


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