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1 Reel of 1.2 Shield-Bright 308L – 12.5Kg Reel

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Shield-Bright 308L is a rutile flux-cored wire designed for the all-positional welding of stainless steels containing 18-20%Cr/8-12%Ni. It is also suitable for welding the stabilised 321 and 347 types. Shield-Bright 308L has excellent weldability on conventional non-pulsing power sources, using Ar/15-25%CO2 or pure CO2 shielding gas.

The fast freezing slag supports the weld metal in positional welding, allowing deposition rates that can not be equaled by stick electrodes or solid wires (up to 4kg/h in PF, 3F position). It is a ”welder-friendly” wire, always operating in the favourable spray arc mode. The slag is self-lifting or easily detached leaving clean and flat welds with good penetration and a very smooth wetting onto the plate edges.

Unlike solid wires, no silica islands are produced, therefore time is saved on cleaning the welds. This cored wire provides high X-Ray quality welds. One-sided root runs in open joints can be welded on ceramic weld metal supports at a very high productivity rate.


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