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Zirconium flap discs for the sanding of steel, stainless steel and aluminium, Zirconium Flap discs are long lasting, ensure very fast stock removal, faster than grinding discs or sanding discs.

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A universal abrasive product designed for the surface treatment of unalloyed or low-alloyed steels, with zirconia corundum and robust cloth backing provides high stock removal rates and long life. A further advantage: consistent surface quality until the abrasive is completely worn.

Product Characteristics:

  • Long-life product, less preparation time, cost-effective
  • High performance due to zirconia alumina abrasive
  • The self-renewal principle of the product guarantees a consistent performance
  • Maintains a consistent abrasive surface throughout the life of the disc
  • Cool cut due to «lamella» construction
  • Consistent cutting speed due to the high form retention


Additional information


4" 40G, 4" 60G, 4.5" 40G, 4.5" 60G


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