Tecmen Freflow V3 helmet offers spectacular value for money.


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Tecmen Freflow V3 helmet is equipped with an excellent performance true colour Auto Darkening welding filter. In addition, it has shade 5 side panels on both sides which gives your helmet a more open feel. Easy use cutting, welding and grinding modes, with a memory function for storing your favourite settings.

Standardized to an optical class of 1/1/1/1; No distortion, no double vision, no darkening variation, consistent shade from any angle. Fully adjustable shade settings on the main lens, ranging from shade 5 to shade 13, suitable for detailed TIG and heavy stick welding alike.

Simple, practical and clear iEXP LED screen on the inside of the visor to display your current settings.

The Tecmen Freflow V3 welding visor (viewing area: 10.7cm x 7.5cm) can be smoothly lifted and securely held in place by a spring-loaded mechanism. The large view (20cm x 12cm) grinding lens is made from clear anti-fog glass, which substantially reduces the need to regularly remove your helmet while grinding to clean the visor. A quick lift of the welding visor allows the user to do all the marking and fitting up without the need to keep removing the helmet. Due to the way the front screen lifts upwards rather than outwards like when flipping up a conventional helmet, it reduces force put on the users neck.

Featuring 6 adjustable head gear settings for a well-balanced, maximum comfort fit.

Shade 5 screens either side of the welding auto darkening filter provides a 90° peripheral view whilst welding. The clear grinding visor allows a 160° view.

Easily switch between welding and grinding with the lift up visor.

Air is supplied to the mouth/nose area of the wearer rather than over the top of the head and down the face like some other helmets eliminating that drying of the eyes effect.

PAPR Specification:

Airflow Rate (LPM): Low (170) / High (210)
Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion
Standard Battery (Hours): Low (9)/ High (5-6)
Heavy Duty Battery (Hours): Low (15)/ High (9)*
Battery Charge: 1hr Std / 2hr Heavy Duty
Battery Life: 550 charges
Particle Filter P3
Filter Efficiency: 99.97%
Auto Alarms: Visible, Audible, Vibrate
Operating Temp: -5°c to 55°c (23° to 131° F)
Weight (Blower Unit & Battery): 1.2kg

Tecmen Freflow V3 Helmet Specification:

Optical Class: 1/1/1/1
Viewing Area: 107 x 75mm
Cartridge: 156 x 123 x 33mm
Grinding Lens View: 20 x 12cm
Modes: Welding/Cutting/Grinding
Arc Sensor: 4
Light State: DIN 3.5
Dark State: DIN 5-8 / 9-13
Shade Control: Internal, Digital Display
Power: Manually On/Off, Auto Off
Sensitivity Control: Low-High, Digital Display
UV/IR Protection: Up to DIN16
Power Supply: Solar cell, 2 x CR2450 lithium battery
Switching Time: 1/25,000 s light to dark
Delay (Dark to Light): 0.1 ~ 1.0s by dial control
Low Amperage TIG rated (AC – DC): ≥ 2 amps
Applications: MMA, TIG, TIG Pulse, MIG Pulse, Plasma Cutting/Welding, Air Arc Gouging, Grinding

Eye/face/respiratory protection
High quality welding helmet combined with powered air purifying respirator system, protecting welder from arc radiation, spatter, dust, pollutants, fine particles as well as other contaminants.
Auto-alarm system
Flashing indicator, bleeping sound together with vibrating blower to ensure safety.
Intelligent air supply
Respirator will self-adjust the flow rate according to the blockage of the filter automatically.
Real-time display indicator
Filter status/airflow rate/battery capacity indicator, real-time monitoring and displaying.