Stainless Steel Spray by Ashworths – 500ml Can

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Available on back-order

Available on back-order


316 Stainless steel spray is an innovative product, which greatly reduces your liabilities from Health and Safety issues to environmental hazardous waste.

316 Stainless steel spray is used as a coating over weld burns on stainless steel. It is quick and easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. Stainless steel spray is used as a more economical, environmentally friendly and safe alternative to acid cleaning.

316 Stainless steel spray has been accepted as an approved product by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. It is included in their fittings and Materials Directory in the materials section part two. This product has passed tests on the effect on water quality and is suitable to use in contact with potable water and more importantly as a corrosion protector on stainless steel welds.