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These Forgefix Sleeve Anchors are through fixing, for ease of use and speed of installation. Their sleeve wedge cones are designed to give maximum expansion even in shallow anchoring depths. They have a reduced outside sleeve diameter compared to thread size for smaller hole sizes, offering reduced stress in base materials.

The anchors are Zinc Yellow Passivated for increased resistance to corrosion and have hexagonal heads.

Also known as ‘Loose Bolt’ sleeve anchors.

Widely used for fixing balustrades, handrails, racking and holding down machinery, plus many more installation applications.
Ensure the correct socket drive or spanner is used to ensure accurate installation.

The Zinc Yellow Passivation process of electroplating is similar to the ‘Galvanised’ and ‘Zinc Plated’ processes but with the addition of a yellow dye. It provides a coating that is aesthetically pleasing, and which offers excellent resistance to corrosion.

The hexagonal head has been designed for use with spanners or sockets and offers maximum torque when used with these tools.


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Sleeve Bolt Size

M8 x 40mm, M8 x 65mm, M8 x 85mm, M10 x 50mm, M10 x 77mm, M10 x 97mm, M12 x 60mm, M12 x 75mm, M12 x 99mm, M12 x 129mm