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A Selection of PCL Adaptors & Couplings

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Here you will find a selection of our most popular PCL coupling & adaptor products.

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PCL Product

1/4" BSP Female Coupling, 3/8" BSP Female Coupling, 1/2" BSP Female Coupling, 1/4" BSP Male Coupling, 3/8" BSP Male Coupling, 1/2" BSP Male Coupling, M Hose Tail Adaptor 3/16" Bore, M Hose Tail Adaptor 5/16" Bore, M Hose Tail Adaptor 3/8" Bore, M Hose Tail Adaptor 1/2" Bore, M Hose Tail Adaptor 1/4" Bore, Std Adaptor 1/4" Hose Tail, Std Adaptor 3/16" Hose Tail, Std Adaptor 5/16" Hose Tail, Std Adaptor 3/8" Hose Tail, Standard Adaptor 1/4" M, Standard Adaptor 3/8" M, Standard Adaptor 1/4" F