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Lightweight 240V 1 Phase Invertec TIG Welder.

**Ready to Weld Package**

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The Invertec® V160-T and V160-T PULSE TIG and Stick welders have been designed and manufactured using the latest digital inverter technology allowing these machines to combine a rugged industrial construction with excellent arc characteristics. These machines are manufactured in a lightweight but robust outer casing making them portable and ideal for operation even in the most hazardous environments. The flexibility and generator compatibility of this range of equipment allows them to be utilised anywhere on sites and workshops. The Invertec® V160-T and V160-T PULSE are supplied as standard with all the features you would expect from a professional TIG welding machine including HF TIG ignition, Lift TIG ignition, 2 or 4 step, variable down slope and post flow control. The V160-T PULSE combines all the above features with the addition of a digital preset meter with a Hold Function and a built-in Variable Pulse. The control panel of this range of machines has been designed to show the welding sequence making it user friendly and easy to understand. A unique feature of the V160-T PULSE is the variable high frequency PULSE that allows the welder to adjust arc focus to suit the application. This will reduce heat input resulting in a more controlled weld with less distortion and increased welding speed. The Invertec® V160-T and V160-T PULSE are made as solid industrial construction integrated with the features of a professional TIG welding machine capable of the toughest jobs.and features simple torch connections that provide for quick changeover from TIG to Stick welding.


Package Includes: Tig Machine, Tig Torch & Earth Lead (Work Return)


Voltage: 230/1/50-60Hz

Current Range: 5 – 160

Rated Output TIG AC: 160A / 26.4 @ 35%

130A / 25.2 @ 100%


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