Jasic Plasma 60 400v

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Competitively priced plasma machine

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The Jasic Pro Plasma Cut 60 is professional high-end cutting inverter equipped with the latest IGBT technology.

This technologically advanced plasma inverter is extremely user-friendly and offers reliable cutting performance. The machine provides variable cutting control that allows the operator to produce precise smooth cuts.

IGBT Plasma Inverter
Lightweight, portable modern design
Variable cutting control
Non HF ignition
LED control display
Simple operation
Smooth precise cutting
Supplied with Plasma Cutting Torch and Earth Return Lead.


Input voltage (Three Phase)                     415V – 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (mm)                                       540 x 250 x 380
Compressed Air Requirement                  200 Ltr/Min @ 5 Bar
Protection/Insulation Class                      IP21S/F
Power Factor                                                0.7
Cutting Capacity (Severance Cut)            25mm
Cutting Capacity (Clean Cut)                    20mm
Duty Cycle @ 40%                                      60 Amps @ 40%
Current Range (A)                                      20 – 60
Max Recommended Input Fuse              15 Amps
Input Power (kVA)                                     7.0
Weight (Kg)                                                 14.5