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Filarc PZ6500 TIG Filler Wire by the ESAB Group 5Kg Tube

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A copper coated, manganese-silicon alloyed rod for GTAW of all general engineering and structural steels with a minimum yield strength of max 420 MPa. The rod is usually welded with pure argon (I1) as the shielding gas.


Classifications: EN ISO 636-A, W 42 3 W3Si1, Weld Metal, EN ISO 636-A, W3Si1, Wire Electrode, SFA/AWS A5.18, ER70S-6, Wire Electrode
Approvals: CE, EN 13479, VdTÜV, 11842

Approvals are based on factory location. Please contact ESAB for more information.
Alloy Type: Carbon-manganese steel
Weld Metal Analysis
Si: 0.85 %    C: 0.078 %    Mn: 1.46 %
Charpy V-Notch Properties
AWS Ar (I1) As welded
Testing Temperature: -29 °C    Impact Value: –

EN Ar (I1) As welded
Testing Temperature: -30 °C    Impact Value 70J
Typical Tensile Properties
AWS Ar (I1) As welded
Elongation: –    Tensile Strength: –    Yield Strength: –

EN Ar (I1) As welded
Elongation: 26 %    Tensile Strength: 560 MPa    Yield Strength: 470 MPa

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1.6mm, 2.4mm


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