Cast Iron Electrodes AWS A5.15 ENi-CI

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Welding Electrode for Cast Iron

AWS A5.15 ENi-CI

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The design emphasis of the chemically basic flux assures the metallurgical integrity of the weld metal. The high graphite content of the flux is expelled from the molten metal, compensating for the compression welding stresses thus preventing weld metal cracking. The core wire is pure nickel.


Successful welding of cast irons is dependant on low strength weld metal and controlled heat input welding procedures. Both characteristics are assured by the use of CIN-1. CIN-1 may be used for all standard grades of grey cast iron and malleable cast irons. Typical applications include repairs to engine blocks and heads, gear housings, machine bases, as well as repairs to used castings. Is also used to rectify casting defects on new castings.

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