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Cemented Carbide Burr, Various sizes and shapes available.

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Our cemented carbide burrs are made from tried and tested types of cemented corresponding to the latest technology. Production is performed on ultra-modern CNC automated grinding machines. The result is a highly efficient precision tool for every machining situation. In order to achieve the best grinding results and longest service life, it is important to choose the right machine and the right speed, cutter and tooth profile for the work-piece material being machined.

e.g. dimensions:

8×19-6×65 = Head Diameter x Head Length – Shank Size x Shank Length


We have only listed the Carbide Burrs that we stock here on site, we can offer you additional sizes and shapes should you require them, please let us know if you require a Burr that isn’t listed

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Burr Selection

H/Flame 8mm, H/Flame 12mm, L/Bullnose Cone 10mm, L/Bullnose Cone 12mm, D/Ball Shape 8mm, D/Ball Shape 10mm, D/Ball Shape 12mm, F/Ball Nose Tree 10mm, F/Ball Nose Tree 12mm, G/Pointed Tree 6mm, G/Pointed Tree 10mm, G/Pointed Tree 16mm, C/Ball Nosed Cylinder 8mm, C/Ball Nosed Cylinder 10mm, C/Ball Nosed Cylinder 12mm, A/Cylinder No End Cut 6mm, A/Cylinder No End Cut 10mm, A/Cylinder No End Cut 12mm