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BYMAT Brushline Range

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The Bymat 1140 RS is the high power machine from the Brushline range of high frequency weld cleaning machines. This new range of machines uses High Frequency Technology to speed up the cleaning process, rather than the harsh chemicals used by some competitors machines. This machine has a 100% duty cycle with no machine down time.

The Bymat will easily remove the oxide film from the weld quickly, cleanly and safely. Simply dip the pad or brush into the Electrolytic cleaning solution and wipe across the weld. The oxide film instantly disappears and the welded area is simultaneously protected against corrosion (passivated) in one operation. In comparison with cleaning and pickling with acids, this process is significantly faster and less expensive due to zero waiting time. The chemicals used for the process contains no hazardous substances and so is significantly safer than conventional chemical cleaning methods.

The grey edge marks (heat-affected zones) close to the welded seams are caused by the material changes during the welding process. These can be removed without any problem using the “Polish” setting on the machine. It is possible to polish stainless steel to a high gloss finish thus returning the original lustre of the material.

Dark marking of electrically – conductive surfaces
Dark marking onto Stainless Steel can be performed using a template/stencil designed to your specific requirements.
The Bymat will permanently mark components deep black, easily, rapidly and inexpensively. Once marked the text or design cannot be removed by cleaning products or solvents and will not wear off. Company logos, graphics, trademarks, serial numbers, identification numbers, scales, and texts can be permanently marked.
Our high-performance electrolyte is PH neutral and requires no neutralization.

Light marking of electrically – conductive surfaces
Light marking uses the same template/stencil as for dark marking. Using a different Electrolyte we achieve a light marking effect similar to engraving. Material is removed from the component leaving your design/text permanently etched into the surface. This is suitable for materials such as black steels and aluminium for example.


The machine is CE marked and is manufactured to meet all applicable EU directives


Starter accessory kit includes:-
Set of 3 metre cables and earth clip
Weld Brush Pro
1 litre Electrolyte A cleaning bright steels
0.5 litre Electrolyte C
100ml Electrolyte ET (dark marking)
100ml Electrolyte EN (light marking)
2 wide mouth container
90 Degree Anode
20 Felt pads for embossing

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110V, 230V