3M Speedglas 9100XXi FX w/ ADFLO

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9100XXi with Grinding Visor & Adflo Respiration System

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All of the benefits of the 9100 Welding Shields can now be used in combination with powered or supplied air respiratory protection. The all new 9100 XXi auto darkening lens provides improved optics, which allows you to more readily recognise colours.

The air duct provides a refreshing airflow across the entire breathing zone
The all-new face seal readily follows the contours of shield and face
Superior optical performance
High-comfort headband
Side Windows Shade 5
With its smart, compact design, the 3M™ Adflo™ Powered Air Respirator is specially designed to meet your welding needs. Its continuous airflow provides filtered air that takes much of the heat and sweat out of welding. By using the Adflo respirator, you get both increased protection and comfort all day long.

The Turbo unit draws air through a spark arrester, pre-filter and particle filter ( and gas filter when used) to reduce respiratory hazards. It then feeds the air, via the breathing tube, into the welding shield. The constant flow of filtered air and the comfortable face seal keep contaminated air outside the shield.

The new Adflo unit features Lithium Ion (Li Ion) batteries, which are more than 40% lighter than the NiMH batteries used in the original model. The lighter battery has the same life time as its predecessor and also benefits from a faster partial charge time.

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