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Compact and portable Spot Gun for car body repairs

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The single-phase Tecna 2 KVA spot welder is a professional specification, semi-automatic, handheld gun suitable for up to 2mm + 2mm bodyshop applications.

This portable spot welder features an electronic timer, high pressure (minimum force) handle and a heavy duty ‘class F’ transformer that provides 2 Kva @ 50% duty cycle.

Compact and portable Spot Gun for car body repairs
Synchronous built-in electronic timer with SCR from 2 to 65 cycles
Compensation circuit starts the timer only when there is a proper passage of current, which enables to perform on oxidised sheets, on surfaces with paint residues or on black sheets.
Additional arm couplings to provide larger opening between arms
Gun has adjustable calibrated force
Handle is designed to produce high pressure on electrodes with minimum force
Transformer coated with F class insulation material that does not dry out and become brittle. Test are made using 4000 volts.
Single phase operation
Supplied complete with 125 mm arms
Extensive range of optional arms & electrodes available


Input Voltage                                                   230V 50Hz
Power @ 50%                                                  2 kVA
Maximum Welding Power                           13 kVA
Welding Capacity                                           2 + 2 mm
Electrode Force Short Arms (daN)            120 mm
Weight Kg                                                        10.5